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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I am a dumpster diver aka Sustainable Innovation

Everything you see on these tables (pics were taken  the first week of school since then the projects in the hall have tripled) was at one point in time someone's trash.
Yep...trash that I found next to trash cans as I drove in my community or pretty much any community that has trash pick up. Trash that I found at town recycling centers in Sherborne and Wellesley Massachusetts (rich communities throw away some great junk!) Even boxes of coworkers trash.  Trash from people's homes, from businesses, even from a famous Army Research Lab. 
Yep junky trash!!!
I am a dumpster diver
a repurposing guru
a trash picker
a sustainable innovator


I spend many hours trying to find materials so that I can engage my over 600 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to become the change the world needs...

To believe in the power of living simply and the right for all to live well.  

To fight for each person to have access to healthcare, healthy food, and a safe place to lay their head each night.

To believe in the power of  the sciences, the arts, music, dance, drama to show we are more alike than different. 

To choose the greater good over our own selfish needs and to ask nothing in return for doing so.

I believe that using other people's trash as a method for exploring our world and finding our place within is not only possible, but it is my moral duty as an educator.

So when you see me picking through your trash know this...
what you no longer want or need may become the very thing that makes a child feel
Your trash can help them to change the world.
That is pretty awesome don't you think?