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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

3 weekends of 50's aka boy my knees hurt!

This weekend I have another 50 miler...the TARC Fall Classic.  The weekend past Bob and I spent a very humid day at the VT50 MTN bike race & ultra. In two weekends I have the Farm to Farm ultra 50 miler in Freeport Maine.
Three weeks of 50 milers...
I am feeling pretty good!

I try to spend at least one day a week doing Vinyasa yoga which really helps with my shoulder issues left over from my days as an endurance racer aka Death Racer.  Crossfit 3 times a week along with my running keeps me very busy.  I remember the days when I could train every day and on weekends have a double.

At 48 that is just not prudent (or possible lol).

I enjoy my ultra running now more then ever since I am not competitive.  I do well in my age group but I no longer care about finishing in the top ten or holding records for endurance events.  I have been so far outside of that world I honestly don't know who's who in the world of ultra and endurance racing anymore.
I like my world...
I like teaching,
scavenging for cool stuff,
commuter running,
my club,
my organic garden,
making furniture with my husband,
doing the 4,000 with Finn the Wonder Dog.

I like feeling busy, useful, healthy, happy...
I like to leave the world a better place each day by adding
positive energy

I like to pick up trash
I like to recycle
I like to give people things
and receive a smile in return...

Choose simplicity, light, laughter, love, kindness

These things have the greatest power to change the world....