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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is it possible to teach empathy?

That is a question I have been struggling with since I started teaching 15 years ago.  Have kids changed?  Yes and no...without getting too specific I had experiences early on in my career that made me question my desire to continue teaching.  Experiences with co workers, parents and students where I questioned my ability to make a positive change or a difference  in my career of choice.  

I knew that a change needed to be made, but the change needed to start with me.
I had to look deep within myself to better understand how my beliefs and my actions played a positive or negative role in both my classroom and my school community before I could begin to address outside influences.
from my search within 
I found that
You can't teach empathy
there is no "lesson plan"
You can't "teach it"
you need to "live it"....

owning your issues
being in control of your own truth
These are the things I hold myself to..

RAMS new spirit model is to "Be The Change"
I like this...
taking personal responsibility for making your school community
a safe place for learning..
an inclusive place..
a welcoming place..

I am the change...
through my actions
others will follow
when they see
first hand