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Monday, April 6, 2015

putting in the miles

Training for me is always a second thought because I just love to has always been difficult to think of my running in terms of building up to a certain goal since the "here in the moment" on the trails is what I love.
I think teaching is like that for me.    I believe that when you become a teacher my needs/wants/ego were not important because I am here for the kids.  I work for the town and I am paid by their parents and they have entrusted to me their most valuable resource so there is no place for my is not MY classroom....MY materials (unless I buy them lol)...MY way...sage on the stage attitude.


Teachers are often afraid to give up control to their students.  In terms of technology I think many teachers see technology as a way to make their lessons better...a tool for them to use to impart their knowledge to the tiny sponges sitting in front of them.

I don't think this way.

Technology is a tool
a tool students should be using just as much if not more as teachers...
using technology should be much like my running..
it comes naturally
it is organic
free flowing
it is just "what you do".