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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

3 weekends of 50's aka boy my knees hurt!

This weekend I have another 50 miler...the TARC Fall Classic.  The weekend past Bob and I spent a very humid day at the VT50 MTN bike race & ultra. In two weekends I have the Farm to Farm ultra 50 miler in Freeport Maine.
Three weeks of 50 milers...
I am feeling pretty good!

I try to spend at least one day a week doing Vinyasa yoga which really helps with my shoulder issues left over from my days as an endurance racer aka Death Racer.  Crossfit 3 times a week along with my running keeps me very busy.  I remember the days when I could train every day and on weekends have a double.

At 48 that is just not prudent (or possible lol).

I enjoy my ultra running now more then ever since I am not competitive.  I do well in my age group but I no longer care about finishing in the top ten or holding records for endurance events.  I have been so far outside of that world I honestly don't know who's who in the world of ultra and endurance racing anymore.
I like my world...
I like teaching,
scavenging for cool stuff,
commuter running,
my club,
my organic garden,
making furniture with my husband,
doing the 4,000 with Finn the Wonder Dog.

I like feeling busy, useful, healthy, happy...
I like to leave the world a better place each day by adding
positive energy

I like to pick up trash
I like to recycle
I like to give people things
and receive a smile in return...

Choose simplicity, light, laughter, love, kindness

These things have the greatest power to change the world....


Monday, September 25, 2017

Innovation Nation & Computer Club AKA Makerspaces

Today was the first meeting of the Innovation Nation club (my club) and the Computer Club (Dr. Steiner's club).  We share a space in my room which is room 110 or the old "shop" class.  I have worked very hard these past five years to change the "shop" into a new space...a space for innovation, creation, exploration, laughter, risk taking, inclusiveness...


What my Makerspace looks like now:
Beyblade table found at dump reclaimed and redesigned by the newest members of Innovation Nation the Beybladers.  Repurposing Divas created gorgeous artwork out of found materials.  The sequins, paint, and glitter added a touch of wonder to the room.  The Lego Mindstormers building and programming robots.  The Virtual Reality Crew wandering around with their goggles...I had to warn them about walking amidst the Beybladers hence pandamonium may ensue : ) The Lego Builders a group that decided to build rubber band powered cars out of Legos. The building center where a group of 7th graders came to finish their PBL "Trash Rollercoaster" which is due tomorrow.  The Computer Programmers programming original games.  The Gamers a group that created a competition that is held each week.   The 3d printer whirling away in the background.  Dr. Steiner shares my room during the day and has been the driving force behind our 3d printing station.  Through Dr. Steiner I have made Tinkercad a major part of our grade 6-8 engineering curriculum.

At this point the Makerspace has been created and funded by trash (all but the 3D printer which I wrote a grant for two years ago).  I am constantly looking for FREE or discarded unloved and unwanted items to bring into our own land of misfit toys...

Its funny...there are so many things people throw in their trash that are really still quite useful.  Is there a Makerspace out there that is based on peoples trash?  Their Junk? Their cast offs and clutter?

Now there is.....
Robert Adams Middle School
Ms. Roy & Dr. Steiner
323 Woodland Street
Holliston, MA
write me
come see me
I want your JUNK : )

Saving the world.... one piece of trash at a time

Supporting the future.... one middle schooler at a time

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I am a dumpster diver aka Sustainable Innovation

Everything you see on these tables (pics were taken  the first week of school since then the projects in the hall have tripled) was at one point in time someone's trash.
Yep...trash that I found next to trash cans as I drove in my community or pretty much any community that has trash pick up. Trash that I found at town recycling centers in Sherborne and Wellesley Massachusetts (rich communities throw away some great junk!) Even boxes of coworkers trash.  Trash from people's homes, from businesses, even from a famous Army Research Lab. 
Yep junky trash!!!
I am a dumpster diver
a repurposing guru
a trash picker
a sustainable innovator


I spend many hours trying to find materials so that I can engage my over 600 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to become the change the world needs...

To believe in the power of living simply and the right for all to live well.  

To fight for each person to have access to healthcare, healthy food, and a safe place to lay their head each night.

To believe in the power of  the sciences, the arts, music, dance, drama to show we are more alike than different. 

To choose the greater good over our own selfish needs and to ask nothing in return for doing so.

I believe that using other people's trash as a method for exploring our world and finding our place within is not only possible, but it is my moral duty as an educator.

So when you see me picking through your trash know this...
what you no longer want or need may become the very thing that makes a child feel
Your trash can help them to change the world.
That is pretty awesome don't you think?