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Tracking Miles

Is it too early for the middle school student interested in cross country or track and field to log their workouts?  I happen to think that starting now will enable them to see their progress and that will become a great motivator.

I have personally used running ahead a free website to track my mileage, and I found it very helpful.

Another site, Daily Mile is also easy to use, but for me the social aspect was not what I was looking for.

The idea behind it is people can "friend you" like other social media sites and follow your workouts. I understand for some it can help to have some friendly competition or someone there to say "way to go" when you have a few miles under your belt. I am just not personally comfortable sharing where I run and when I run on the internet.

There are other sites that incorporate nutrition, calorie count and workouts into an online tracking system. My fear with these sites is the focus on counting calories based on "calculators" that give you a BMR. Unless your child is under the care of a physician for weight loss I do not believe counting calories is a good way to introduce them to healthy eating.  I think it is more important for this age group to learn life style habits they can carry with them into adulthood like portion control and eating locally and seasonally if possible.  It is more important that we model a sense of comfort and acceptance with our bodies as adults and show that strength is beautiful and good health is beautiful....there is no one "perfect" body type out there.

Take the time to check out these sites and you could find yourself creating a family account.  Tracking your miles whether walking, running or biking I believe is a real motivator...just choose the site that is best for you and your children...the goal is to feel good about health, wellness and exercise.